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Adam Corcoran performs “Hear” from Broadcast, a musical about the Golden Age of radio, while Composer Scott Murphy accompanies on piano and Nathan Christensen plays violin:


THE GIVER Musical:

Off-Broadway described The Giver in 2010, when announcing the National Alliance for Musical Theatre Festival of New Musicals

SYNOPSIS – 12-year-old Jonas lives in a perfect world, without pain, conflict or loneliness. But after being assigned to carry the memories of life before “Sameness,” an ability learned from a mysterious man called the Giver, Jonas must choose between his perfect community and a world that contains both beauty and pain.

The Giver was given a two-week developmental workshop by Theatreworks/USA in 2006, followed by an additional week of developmental work in 2007. CAP21 sponsored a series of table readings in 2008 and 2009, followed by a concert reading in 2009.

Here is the curtain speech before the opening of The Giver at the Festival of New American Musicals, with a clips of the songs “Snow” and “Together” and “Colors”:

2 minute clip from The Giver song “Together”, performed in 2011 at the Festival of New American Musicals:

Arron Masters choreographs the song “Colors” from The Giver for a dance sketch:


CLICK HERE to listen to the song “Waterfall” from The Giver.


THE MATINEE SHOW, a weekly live sketch comedy revue in Tucson:

David Fitzimmons, a nationally syndicated and Pulitzer nominated political cartoonist:

Oliver Blaylock and Paul Wright, from the band Missing Parts, play as musical guests:



Nathan Christensen wrote the song How Do I Love Thee?, which was discovered after winning a composition contest for the group Diva Complex, who then included it in their album It’s a Vanity Thing. It was then published by Treble Clef Music Press (see Author list under “Christensen, Nathan”). Treble Clef described this song in this way:

Elizabeth Barrett Browning meets Mae West in this swing setting of the immortal love poem, paraphrased by the composer. “Boh-doo” and “wah-wah” scat passages put an original spin on this text, and bring the house down when it is performed with gusto. Winner of the Diva Complex 1996 Composition Contest.
SSAA a cappella. Medium.

Nathan Christensen’s How Do I Love Thee? was performed on Prairie Home Companion on 21 April 2001 (CLICK HERE to listen, and skip to the 27 minute mark). It was also featured twice in the ACDA National Conference.

Here’s a video of that song, from 2012 when OSU Women’s Glee Club performs Nathan Christensen’s four part jazz ensemble, How Do I Love Thee?:

Performances of How Do I Love Thee? available on iTunes:

BYU Woman’s Chorus


ACDA 2011 National Convention Bella Voce Young Women’s Choir

Michigan Music Conference 2012 Lincoln High School Split Dimensions

ACDA of Pennsylvania Fall Choral Conference 2011

La Vocabella, who recorded the song after performing it in the semi-finals of Canada’s Got Talent

Women in Harmony

Treble Clef also published Nathan Christensen’s Wish You Were Here, which is a song from the first musical Nathan wrote. It has been performed by the Women’s Concert Chorale at University of Wisconsin and the Clearwater Choral Festival in Wisconsin. Treble Clef described the story of this song:

Will the City Mouse thrive on imported cheese or wig out from stress? Will the Country Mouse benefit from clean country air, or die from boredom? The swing rhythms of this charmer (from the composer of Treble Clef’s perennial favorite, “How Do I Love Thee?”) lead to a surprise ending to the fable you thought you knew. SSAA and Acoustic Bass; English. Medium-Difficult.


Here is a clip of Nathan Christensen performing with the orchestra in the PBS Special Innovators, with Sam Cardon and Kurt Bestor. You can catch him in this clip at 3’10”, 3’41”-3’45”, and 4’18”:

Here is a clip from The Strolling Strings, playing in Bartlesville in 2013:

CLICK HERE to listen to Nathan Christensen play Pretty Peg on the CD LDS Styles 4.

CLICK HERE to listen to Nathan Christensen play Pat-a-Pan on the CD I Can See My Breath.

Nathan Christensen co-arranged and played violin for Wexford Carol on the CD A Timeless Christmas with Ivan Wolfe.


Lyricist Nathan Christensen and Composer Scott Murphy are interviewed by Silicon Valley’s Theatre Works for the 2011 New Works Festival:



This is a video Nathan made using the 8mm vintage camera app on the iPhone, with footage taken from a night parade of lanterns at Morningside Heights in New York City, summer 2012:

Here is another 8mm vintage app video, this one from Maker Faire 2012 in New York:

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