A New Spin on #StreetArt

I think street art is wonderful. It’s a moment of beauty, hidden in plain sight.

And just to reiterate my definitions from an earlier post: I believe that street art is generous and creative, while vandalism is destructive and selfish. That particular dividing line is not fixed–what seems beautiful to me may not seem so to you if it has arrived uninvited on your private property. But at least it’s a reference point for discussion.


I came across this brilliant idea, and immediately envisioned a new kind of street art: it’s a giant spirograph toy created by a design studio called HaHa Bird.

Photo from HaHaBird.com

It’s so large that it takes four people to hold it in place and spin the gears around the inside, and instead of the little one you had as a child that used colored pens, this one draws with chalk on cement.

Here’s what I imagine: You carry the giant spirograph out to a public stretch of sidewalk. Someplace where there is foot traffic, but not so much or so narrow that you would block the way. You set the pieces up on the ground, all ready to go. But instead of using it yourself, you invite passersby to take part! You give adults the pleasure of becoming a kid again, and kids the pleasure of creating on an epic scale. But then, once you’re done, you leave behind colorful chalk snowflakes that continue spread delight as they slowly fade away underfoot.

Photo from HaHaBird.com

HaHa Bird actually includes the plans for making this on their site. It’s fairly involved, but if someone has the woodshop skills to whip one up, we could make magic together.

  • Where would you like to see some street art in your city?

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