Penny Arcade @adafruit @arduino

Just look at this little beauty! This is a programmable coin slot from Adafruit. It can identify four different kinds of coin, and can be combined with various kinds of DIY micro-controllers (like Arduino) to perform different functions.

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Okay, this is the kind of thing that makes me wish I had an iota of technical knowledge. My imagination just starts to run with this thing!

Picture yourself walking down the street, and you spot a coin slot where there was no coin slot before. Maybe it’s under a sign promising some kind of impossible surprise. Maybe it’s just there, a secret to be discovered by those with eyes to see. And maybe you’re busy and you walk on by without testing it out.

Or, maybe you stop, you fish through your pockets or your purse for a coin, and you drop it in the slot. What happens?

Maybe music begins to play. Maybe moving colors and shapes are projected onto the ground around you. Maybe you are suddenly treated to a screening of a short, vintage film. Maybe a curtain drops and reveals a hidden work of art. Maybe a curtain is raised, revealing an actual live person who does a short performance, just for you. Maybe a tiny window opens, letting you peep into a miniature art gallery.

  • What surprise would you like to experience when you step up and drop a coin into the slot?

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