Getting Connected

Last night I had a phone meeting with my writing partner, composer Scott Murphy, and a friend named Kate Garst. Kate was on the producing team behind The Bridges of Madison County, and has been a long-time fan and supporter of our work.

This meeting was to talk about our Kickstarter goals, and how to best make them happen.

One of the key things I took away from the meeting was the fact that we, as a team, need to have an online presence already established before we try Kickstarting anything. Or rather, that we probably should have set up an online presence, oh, maybe a decade ago.

We’re not rock stars in the self-promotion department, Scott and I. Scott has always espoused the belief that if you produce good work, then someone else will do the promotion for you.

That’s how the traditional concept of “getting discovered” or “getting your big break” works, right? And yet, there are so many voices out there, and they all have the tools to be heard much better than ever before.

So, I created… a Facebook page. (Oooooooh.) And a Twitter account. (Aaaaaaaaaah.)

Yeah, I know, it’s not cutting edge. But I am excited to have a way to connect with our fans and share the things we are working on.

If you would like to learn more about my musical theater writing, you can follow “Scott Murphy and Nathan Christensen” on Facebook, or @ScottAndNathan on Twitter.

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