The Hearst Collection

A lot of people think of me as a “theater person” or a “music person.” And those people are probably confused when I spend a lot of my time running off in other directions.

What really excites me is creating experiences. That’s part of why I like the name Seven Lively Arts—because it doesn’t pin itself down to one particular discipline.

For example: The Hearst Collection

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Photo Credit: LA Times

The name may sound like a fine art gallery, but it’s actually more like your most thrilling, Mission Impossible dreams. The “gallery” is protected by a network of laser security sensors, and it is your job, as a world-class art thief, to navigate your way through the maze without triggering the alarms.

What a cool experience, right? To get to play out in the real world the kind of adventure we only see in the movies?

Watch THIS:

What if we brought The Hearst Collection to Bartlesville? Do you know people who would pay to come have a fun experience like this?

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