As a follow-up to yesterday’s thinking about creative CD packaging: today my mind flashed back to something I came across a couple years ago. Somehow, I found this right as the concept was being announced—it wasn’t even available for sale yet.

playbutton 1

Designed by: Fabio Kawabe

It’s called the Playbutton. Basically, it’s a tiny mp3 player in the form of a pin-backed button.

Sounds simple—except where else have you seen it done? You can customize the graphic with whatever image you want, and in back are buttons for play/pause, skip forward, and skip back, as well as a headphone jack.

Imagine having a whole album tucked into such a stylish little package! How cool it would look to have your headphones plugged directly into this badge celebrating music that you love?!

I’m really excited about this idea, and think it should definitely be one of our rewards. What do you think? Would you like one of these that plays the cast album of Broadcast?

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