#Newplay #Musical “Broadcast”

Nathan Christensen (book and lyrics) and Scott Murphy (composer) are in Madison tonight for the production of their new musical, Broadcast.


CLICK HERE to listen to a radio interview about the show. It includes the song “Trio”, which is from the perspective of telegraph operators frustrated at their tedious job of “beeps” while others get power from doing real work… until they realize they have received the first ever SOS distress call from the Titanic…. and begin to understand their true power comes from saving lives.

That’s just one story this fast paced musical tells through the history of the radio. Read more about the show HERE!

The show is already getting rave reviews just from the previews, and the audience is gathered for the show tonight!

Here’s a video clip of an interview if you want more details, and here is a local podcast talking about the show!

How has technology affected your relationships? Wireless… Beep, beep, beep… It’s your new best friend! Come see Broadcast!


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