Zelda Fire

Back in May, Nathan tweeted THIS LINK and said he wanted one of these:


It is a fake fireplace to cozy up an apartment.

Specifically, in the fireplace is the old school 8 bit Zelda fire.

Yes, 8 bit. Old school. Original.

(I had to google “Zelda” to find out it was a video game.)

The one he linked to is a portrait, available for $100.

A few days later, thanks to Nathan’s viral marketing, it went up to $150.

We’re not going to play this game, I decided.

So I decided to make my own.

It being an old 8 bit graphic meant that it would be easy to carve out of an actual graph. So I got some foam, and measured out the size I wanted:


Then I cut out the actual shape, taken from a graphic I found by googling “Zelda fire”. The best one I found actually was animated, so I took a picture of the animated one and used that to count the squares.

Once I had the shape, I covered it in paper mâché:


Then I let that dry for several days to harden up really well before I messed with it anymore:


Once it was dry, we began to paint:


Jess painted, too:


And I painted and painted:


And so did Jess:


Then we had to let it dry another day before we could do the final white:


A final coat of white, and it was finished!


I did go ahead and paint the back red, just to really finish it off:


It took three weeks to make.

But it turned out pretty cool, so I tried it out, the official 8 bit Zelda’s fireplace!


“Why?”, my mom asked.

“Because I am a cool girlfriend,” I said.

She rolled her eyes and laughed at me.

That was before he asked me to marry him.

It was also before the package was lost in the mail, two weeks late, and maybe disappeared forever.

But forever is a long time, and exactly what we have.

Happy (un)Birthday, Nathan.

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